The latest figures released by the Office for National Statistics shows that in-patient falls are on the rise. The worrying statistics show that among men over the age of 85, the number of deaths has risen by 177%. The rise among women is at an equally alarming 72%. 

A fall in hospital can be potentially fatal if the fall results in a fracture of the hip or if the fall causes the patient to suffer a bleed on the brain. In many cases a fall can cause pneumonia if the patient is left on the floor for an extended period of time. 

Shortages of nursing staff and healthcare assistants will have an effect on the increase, as many healthcare settings are understaffed.

Falls currently cost the NHS an estimated £2.3 Billion per annum, therefore falling has an impact on quality of life, patient health and direct healthcare costs. 

A well implemented falls management system has been estimated to reduce falls in hospital by around 30% according to latest figures by NICE.

For more information on the Guardian Sentry falls management system, please download the following study conducted by Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

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