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  1. Guardian Sentry Fall Prevention Products
  2. No Rinse Shampoo Cap
    The No Rinse shampoo caps provide a warm and comfortable shampoo experience, leaving hair fresh and conditioned. No Rinse shampoo caps are useful when conventional hair washing is impractical or not possible. No Rinse shampoo caps are quick and easy to use, latex and alcohol free.

    No Rinse shampoo caps can also be warmed in a microwave for added comfort, simply heat and wear the cap then massage into your hair!

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  3. No Rinse Body Wash
    No Rinse Body Wash is a ready to use body wash that requires absolutely no rinsing off the skin. It is a safe and effective perineal cleanser, which leaves skin moisturised thanks to added emollients in the body wash.

    No Rinse body wash has no alcohol which helps even the most sensitive skin from being irritated.

    Suitable for many applications, from healthcare all the way to travel & adventure packs! Learn More

  4. orabrush-tongue-cleaner
    Scrape away bad breath odors at the source with the OraBrush Tongue Cleaner. - Features three cleaning edges - Low profile and narrow design comfortably reach the back of the tongue so you don’t have to gag to fight bad breath - Fresh mint flavor Learn More
  5. No Rinse Body Bath
    Bed bathing is a vital step in ensuring your patient is safe from any harmful bacteria. Sometimes soap and water is not enough, what if your patient is bed bound? It can be difficult to ensure that your patient is clean and protected from any harmful infections.

    No Rinse body bath is an easy to use, safe and cost effective way of protecting your patient from these harmful bacteria. Ready to use in seconds it offers a powerful deterrent to any bacteria, whilst the emollients present in the solution help keep your body from being damaged by the bathing process, helping to keep the skin happy. The NoRinse body bath solution comes in a concentrated bottle, simply add warm water and you are ready to go! Learn More

  6. Dentek Professional Fit Dental Guard

    Protect your teeth from damage caused by nighttime teeth grinding with the DenTek™ Maximum Protection Dental Guard, the only over-the-counter night guard that includes a forming tray for a close-to-professional fit at home. Includes dental guard, exclusive forming tray, and storage case.

    • Offers custom-fit protection similar to a professionally made mouth guard—for a fraction of the cost.
    • Quickly customizable in two easy steps.
    • Dental guard creates a cushion of comfort between upper and lower teeth.
    • Helps prevent conditions caused by teeth grinding (bruxism), including jaw discomfort, tooth chipping and cracking, and headaches.
    • All bite guard parts are BPA-free and latex-free.
    • 6 month protection guarantee
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  7. OroCare Mini Toothbrush
    OroCare Mini Toothbrush - the only medical grade toothbrush in the United Kingdom! Designed to help with dry mouth conditions, or for anyone who suffers with discomfort but still needs good oral hygiene. The small atraumatic brush head with long, soft bristles is perfect for improving access to all parts of your mouth including inter-dental spaces. Suitable for use with any toothpaste the OroCare Mini toothbrush is easy to use and handy for slipping into travel bags. For a cute oral hygiene tip, why not try brushing your teeth with your weaker hand using the OroCare Mini toothbrush - this reduces pressure on your gums and will help with any discomfort you might be experiencing whilst cleaning your teeth! Learn More
  8. Dentek Easy Brush

    The DenTek® Easy Brush™interdental brush makes it easy to brush the harder-to-reach spaces of your mouth.

  9. Only interdental brush on the market with an advanced fluoride coating for a deep clean between teeth.
  10. Durable tapered brush cleans tight spots and is great for braces.
  11. Flexible wire allows bristles to bend for better access.
  12. Flexible handle holds position when bent,
  13. Minty flavor leaves your mouth feeling fresh.
  14. Anti-microbial cap keeps brush clean between uses and fits on grip to extend handle’s reach
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  • No Rinse Body Wipes
    No Rinse body wipes are premoistened 8"x8" wipes designed to give your whole body a wash with just one pack.

    Enriched with both Aloe and Lanolin to help leave skin feeling fresh and moisturised. No Rinse body wipes helps to save time and resources without having to compromise on patient care. No Rinse body wipes can also be warmed in the microwave for additional comfort. No Rinse body wipes are also handy to take whilst travelling! Learn More

  • Dentek Fun Flosser

    Make flossing fun for children while establishing healthy dental-care habits at an early age. DenTek™ Kids Fun Flossers feature a smaller head, an easy-to-grip handle, and a wild fruit flavor kids will love.

    • Scrubbing floss removes food and plaque.
    • Small flosser head fits children’s mouths just right.
    • Easy-to-grip handle tailored for child-size hands.
    • Wild fruit flavor kids love
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