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Hello Nurse addresses two of the most common dangers to nursing home residents -- falls and skin breakdown. The Hello Nurse System provides constant monitoring and directed alerts to caregivers at the first sign of trouble.

  1. Simple Installation: For fall prevention, one pressure pad for chairs or beds. For incontinence monitoring, a sticker is placed on the outside of any kind of brief. Each Receiver (Nurse Station) can handle up to 30 Residents. You can expand that capacity by adding repeaters.
  2. Instant Alerts: When the alarm is triggered by moisture or by a resident attempting to get up off of a bed or chair, an alarm is sent to a pager or cell phone with the alarm type, the resident's name and room number allowing the caregiver to quickly respond.
  3. Easy & Accessible: The Hello Nurse receiver alerts caregivers through the attached paging system while simultaneously recording and logging all alert and event data in the Hello Nurse patented software. The reporting can be used for staff performance, family meetings, determining incontinence patterns and deciding if residents need the use of different equipment.
  4. Accurate Attention: Caregivers receive an instantaneous page on their pagers with resident name, room number and type of alarm that was triggered, allowing for more accurate and quicker attention upon response.
  5. Assured Response: The caregiver can respond quickly to the event and can only clear the alarm by resetting the transmitter.


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