No Rinse Shampoo Cap

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No Rinse Shampoo Cap

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The No Rinse shampoo caps provide a warm and comfortable shampoo experience, leaving hair fresh and conditioned. No Rinse shampoo caps are useful when conventional hair washing is impractical or not possible. No Rinse shampoo caps are quick and easy to use, latex and alcohol free.

No Rinse shampoo caps can also be warmed in a microwave for added comfort, simply heat and wear the cap then massage into your hair!



No Rinse® Shampoo Cap

• Ready to use

• Patented, one piece design transfers massaging action directly to hair and scalp

• Put Cap on, massage until clean, remove and towel dry.

• Shampoo and condition hair with no water, no mess, no rinsing

• Provides a warm, comfortable patient friendly shampooing alternative

• Leaves hair fresh and clean

• Eliminates odors

• Latex free and alcohol free

• Use whenever traditional shampooing is inconvenient or unavailable

• Shampoo more efficiently in less time

• Can be heated in a microwave prior to use

• Easier on the care giver

• Reduces labor, laundry & linen cost

• 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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