Guardian Sentry Fall Prevention Products

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Guardian Sentry Fall Prevention Products

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Guardian Sentryâ„¢


The Guardian Sentry™ patient monitoring system has been designed to provide an early warning to alert staff if a patient is attempting to exit a bed, chair or other support surface.

  1. The Sens-Ex® patient specific mat is placed on top of the support surface to be used, and utilises a proximity sensing technology called Sens-Ex® which detects ultra-low frequency chemical electrical signals produced by the human body to "switch" on the patient monitor to protect the patient, as the patient attempts to leave the support surface, the system will alert staff. If the patient triggers am alarm, this is relayed to the paging system, mobile device or nurse-call system for nurse response.
  2. The patient monitor sends an alarm signal wirelessly to the pager, a mobile device; the nurse-call system or all three if required alerting the staff that attendance is required.
  3. Guardian Sentry™ can be set-up to send an alarm signal to any number of staff including if required an ‘escalation’ signal to a senior member of staff.
  4. Guardian Sentry™ can produce a series of standard activity reports in either ‘real time’ or as required showing alarms raised and staff response time to those alarms. In addition, Guardian Sentry™ has a bespoke report generator allowing management to design reports.

If you would like to view in further detail how the system works, CLICK HERE to see a step by step demonstration.