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approach medical

a trusted name in healthcare since 2013

For over a decade, we have been proud to operate as a unique family business dedicated to providing exceptional patient care solutions to many NHS trusts across the United Kingdom. Seeing the impact that our patient safety products and systems have had on the lives of real people drives us to keep on developing new products and solutions for patients, clinicians, and carers alike.


We take pride in the strong relationships we have forged with doctors, nurses and other practitioners in the NHS and believe that the success of our business, the NHS and of new technology is only possible when we work together. With deep roots in the healthcare sector, we do our best to understand the unique challenges that clinicians and patients face, striving to provide them with the highest standards of care and professionalism.


In recent years, we have grown and evolved to expand our services and are continually investing in the latest medical technologies to ensure every patient receives the personalised and compassionate care they deserve. 


Our business may have started with members of just one family; care to join us as that family grows?

about us

our team

Christian Symonds – Founder

Every business starts somewhere and for ours, it began with Christian. With decades of experience in global healthcare working at an executive level for international firms like Stryker, Christian founded Approach Medical with the core focus of providing real solutions to real problems faced by the NHS. In particular, Christian developed the Guardian Sentry platform which is still protecting vulnerable patients across hospital wards in the UK today. Fall prevention and falls management systems are not just a job for him but a passion fuelled by a genuine care of the people he works alongside.


Conor Symonds – Product Innovator

It would be unfair to say the phrase ‘like father like son’ of Conor as he brings a wholly unique set of skills to Approach Medical. For over a decade, he has helped to build a fledgling company into an established and robust one that produces quality products and provides innovative solutions. Having strong product management skills enhanced by his coaching and leadership experience in sport, Conor supports and drives the rest of the team forward in whatever direction the business takes.


Sinead Feeney – Business Development Manager

When we say as a business we care about people and we care about relationships, we mean it; and there can be no greater asset to our team and our customers than with Sinead. A seasoned veteran in the pharmaceutical industry working with global companies like Eli Lilly and Allergan, she brings a wealth of talent, vibrancy, and experience to Approach Medical and our customers every day.


Laurence Gottrell – Operations Manager 

With a background in fiduciary services and being familiar with operating in the tightly regulated financial services industry, Laurence brings his experience to Approach Medical behind the scenes. Helping to develop existing management and operating systems alongside maintaining excellence in service to customers, there is never a quiet moment working in a dynamic and ever-changing landscape like that of healthcare in the UK.

our partners

DeRoyal Industries

Approach Medical are proud to represent DeRoyal Industries in the United Kingdom as a distributor of their high-quality healthcare products. 


Founded in 1973, DeRoyal Industries is a global medical manufacturer committed to improving the clinical quality and economic health of its customers and provide product and business solutions that include patient care products, orthopaedic supports & bracing, surgical & safety devices, wound care products, and Continuum® integrated inventory management technologies. Combining their fundamental manufacturing capabilities with unique services and information technology tools, together we can deliver unparalleled quality and value to you and your patients here in the UK.


To learn more, please visit DeRoyal at their home here.




We are proud to call LifeSignals our partner as the provider of cutting-edge biomonitoring patches in our integrated virtual care systems. LifeSignals are committed to breaking the chains of traditional biomedical monitoring and expanding access to hospital-grade care regardless of proximity to facilities or socioeconomic status. Creating solutions that help improve the health management and well-being of people across the world, their silicon-based platform features advanced multiple-sensor interfaces for measuring signals that communicate even in interference-heavy wireless environments. 


To learn more, please visit LifeSignals at their home here

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